High imitation ROLEX SUBMARINER 116610LV FOR 2015

This article just update the picture, because the mall photographer has been resting so the photo is too late to update, and I took a number of photos on their own, to give you a reference on the details of the explanation and interpretation I have " Square things "in a text to replica watches do a detailed explanation, as well as on this version of the upgrade has also done a related interpretation. If interested friends can go back and look at the article, This article I will also add an effect of rolex replica the picture is on the new anti-reflective coating effect, which is not mentioned in an article, gossip much to say, first take a look at the picture 116610LV whether it is high imitation or genuine, I encountered in the watch industry's most difficult to watch the watch, although it is undeniable that it is indeed very beautiful. However, no matter what kind of equipment, using the automatic mode of shooting, it is very ugly. Here for everyone to share a shooting tips, shooting commodity map or model picture, be sure to adjust the camera to M (manual mode) to control the aperture according to the uk replica watches light source shutter position, such as I personally like to use the square light layout so On a low aperture, high shutter mode, minimize the use of Photoshop. Direct shooting out the best results. On the anti-glare test We will be a high-light photographic light is on the camera to take pictures, because the use of the same anti-glare material, you can see because of the role of anti-glare coating, lit all the literal lights are reflected. Time is still legible, if only a simple sapphire mirror, then it means that all the light will be absorbed, you can not achieve the anti-glare effect,